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Romance Writing offers more Freedom

Romance writing can fall under either fiction or non-fiction, but seems to be primarily fiction. Some romance writers say this style of writing is very free form as they can take the story any way they want.
For romance writing, you will have two main characters and again, you must let your reader know enough about them to care what happens both with and between the two. This is accomplished not through physical descriptions, but rather by filtering information through conversations, as well as how the characters react to various people and events.
Set out a plot line first, so you at least have a general idea as to where your story is going and make it as sincere as possible. Romance writing takes imagination to capture feelings and moods. Don’t be afraid to be a little risqué either! But just how far does one go?
In one of my new manuscripts, there are a couple of intimate scenes between characters. Since I had never written romance before, I had a great deal of difficult as to how I should write these scenes. Finally, I consulted my daughter who reads lots of romance novels and she wrote those parts for me. So if you’re having trouble with this kind of writing, pick up a few Harlequin Romance books and give them a read first.

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