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Only the Facts for True Crime

I wanted to include this genre, as there are some specific guidelines you must follow when writing about a true crime. First of all, know the facts of the case and make sure that you can reference all of your sources.
You will lay yourself wide open for a lawsuit if you don’t. When writing true crime you, MUST stick strictly to the facts and only the facts.
Sometimes, a good story comes along and you’d love to write about it but fear there could be serious repercussions. My book, “Playing With The Devil” is a good example of this. If I had simply repeated everything as told to me by the primary character (the victim) I would have been dragged into court by now.
Since I truly felt this story needed to be told, I decided to veil it under the guise of fiction “based on a true story.” As well, I did not use anyone’s real names – not the victims or the perpetrators are named outright.
However, if you intend to relate true crime strictly for what it is, then make sure you do your homework and interview as many people as possible.

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