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Blogs help Spread the Word

When I first heard about blogs, I had no idea what they were or what purpose they served. However, I have since learned that people actually do read them and they are a terrific means of showing off your writing skills. The most popular site is where setting up a blog is very simple, but there are a number of others such as Blogging Canadians. There are also blogging sites directly related to writers such as Writers Write on Shopping, which appears to be a good place to write about books, writing and publishing, Internet Writing Journal and Readers
The trick to blogging is that you need to add to your blog every once in awhile, to keep readers interested. And once you have 10 postings, you can create an RSS feed that allows readers to keep track of all your writings. You can create an RSS feed by going to Feed I currently run a blog called Aging With Creativity and have enough articles added to do this. You will find that feed below. I also post book reviews at MJ Book Reviewswhere I post reviews for members of the Book Marketing Network. These sites were very easy to set up and the latter has become a good way for me to make a few dollars every now and again.


Aging With Creativity

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