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Set up a Web Site for your Book

It is vitally important that you set up a web site as a place you can direct people to about your new or upcoming book. There are, as you know, many free hosting systems on the web that you can use. These include Bravenet, Yahoo, Freewebs and Angelfire.
Even if you know absolutely nothing about formatting a web page, most of these are pretty simple to understand. If you need help, the best place to go is Web Source. Once you get used to writing some HTML code, it becomes much easier. However if you’re really stuck, you can do a search for free HTML converters as there are a number of sites on the web where you can get one free, such as Cyber Matrix
Make sure to request from the publisher that a thumbnail print of your book cover be sent to you just as soon as it is available. When you get it, download it to your computer so you can upload it later onto your site. You will use this, plus some information about the book on your web page that will arouse interest. You want to be creative with this information, as it is what will draw people to want to read your book when it is released.
Of course when your book is released, you will need to update the site to reflect this fact. At this point, you will want to add any reviews you’ve received, because they certainly do have a positive impact on those who view your page when they are trying to make a decision as to whether to purchase your book. Make sure that you have an easy-to-find link directly to your publisher’s site too, so that buying your book will be easy. People like ‘easy.’ Also make sure to add your URL to your signature in your e-mail, so those you correspond with can check out your site. Also add the URL to your signature when posting on forums and other web sites.

Firewalls & Virus Protection
Use a Firewall with anti virus software to maximize online security and avoid data recovery anguish from a Hacker attack and virus infection. Before and After guidelines and info on Cookies, Spam, Spyware and Adware, pop-ups and pop-up blockers, hoax warnings and much more. Easy reading.

Seo Web Design Services
Delivering a complete free and easy to understand guide for all aspects of website optimization.

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