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Let Everyone Know about Your Book

As a new author you will want to let everyone you know the big news about your book and hopefully, drum up some sales as well. For this, an e-mail campaign is the answer. I like to use IncrediMail for this purpose, because it allows you to insert pictures and graphics right into your e-mail. I inserted the thumbnail of my book with a headline saying, “Announcing” and then my book title with all the details after that. I included a direct link to my publisher’s site and my home site to make it easy for people to check it out and perhaps, buy a copy. IncrediMail is a mail service that you download and use from your desktop.
Of course, you can also send out a notice by regular email, but make sure you send them under BBC, so that each person appears to get their copy separately and there are no complaints about strangers having access to their e-mail addresses. Make sure you include the necessary links for easy access. This is where having your own web site is beneficial, because you can send people right to it to get all the details.
There are also bulk email software programs that you might want to consider but be aware that most of these will cost you money. You should also know that you could be charged with sending out SPAM. One way to get around this is to join a list-building program where you receive email addresses from opt-in subscribers on a regular basis. The one I like most is Triple Your List.


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