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Networking is Vital to Success

Do yourself a huge favor by beginning to network before you even start to write. It takes time to make new contacts and friends on the net, and to establish honest, trustworthy relationships. I would also suggest that you use sites like Ryze Business Networking and Gather where membership is free. Please note that I am not endorsing just these sites, as there are many of them on the web. The reason I suggest this is that these kinds of sites have literally thousands of members and Gather allows you to post your stories while interacting with other writers from around the world. On Ryze you will have a guest book right on your page and even if you don’t actively visit other people’s pages, you will find that a good number of them will drop by to say hello to you, thus viewing your page and what you have to offer.
Networking sites also have hundreds of groups you can join where you can discuss various subjects with other members. This might sound trivial and time wasting, but trust me. It is not. Networking is the most important thing you can do to promote yourself and your book.
It will also lay the groundwork by establishing relationships with others in your field, which can be invaluable when and if you decide to publish a second book. There are many authors, publishers, cover designers and graphic artists for you to get to know and you will learn the value of this over time.
Other on-line communities for writers include Powerful Intentions, as well as Authors Zone, Linked In and Tribes. Direct Matches is another site, but there is a fee for membership. Another one you might consider joining is Bookwired. This site is for authors and publishers, and offers forums, book reviews and more. Another excellent site is the Book Marketing Network You never know. You just might find your future publisher at any one of these sites!
SIDE NOTE: If you have the funds, it is a good idea to set up your own on-line forum where you can discuss topics pertinent to your book’s subject matter. For instance, my book included true stories of the paranormal, so the group I ran, Mystics and Merrymakers, offered information and discussions on paranormal topics. This is a great way to get yourself known on a site as an expert in your field.

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